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let's break down the numbers...


In 2022, 24.8% of young voters (in this case, voters between 18-29 years old) turned out to vote in the Arizona midterm, leading to victories for Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Kelly, Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes, and more!

In comparison to other age groups, 18-29 year olds turned out in the lowest numbers (see Figure 1). However, an overwhelming majority of young voters that did show up voted for Democrats (see Figure 2).

The data shows that, in fact, Gen-Z Decided in key 2022 races: young Arizonans made up 12% of the electorate in the gubernatorial (governor's) and U.S. Senate races, while Governor Katie Hobbs won by only 0.6% and 4.9%, making their wins impossible without the youth vote.

Enjoying these numbers and data points? Learn more from Tufts University's CIRCLE program.


Figure 1

Figure 2


In 2020, 51% of young voters (in this case, voters between 18-29 years old) turned out to vote in Arizona for the presidential election, leading to victories for Democratic President Joe Biden and Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Kelly. 356,143 young voters cast their ballots in Arizona, and a strong majority chose President Biden over President Trump

President Biden only won by 10,457 votes, and Senator Kelly only 78,806 votes, though, meaning that Gen-Z Decided who would win these key 2020 races.

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