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Why does my vote matter?

In about 2018, Arizona became a swing state––we started electing Democrats to statewide positions after Republicans controlled our state for decades. Since then, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans have rejected extremist candidates time after time, resulting in a lot of major red-to-blue flips, including:

U.S. President (2020) • U.S. Senate Seat #1 (2018) • U.S. Senate Seat #2 (2020)

Arizona Governor (2022) • Arizona Secretary of State (2018) • Arizona Attorney General (2022)

Even though Democrats were able to flip key seats, almost all of these elections were won by very thin margins. For example, President Biden only won Arizona by 10,457 votes, and Attorney General Kris Mayes only won by 280 votes. This means that, in Arizona, every vote counts.This year, Gen-Z voters will decide who wins critical elections up and down the ballot. Studies show that Gen-Z voters in Arizona are overwhelmingly Democrats. The one problem––a lack of voter turnout.

We need Gen-Z voters to turn out in record numbers in Arizona in order to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and reject MAGA extremists who are taking away our right to choose, leaving our climate in distress, and stripping us of our freedoms.

Let's Look at the Numbers...

what state & local races should i pay attention to?

learn more about these races here!

Political Terms Glossary

coming soon!

How to Get Involved

In order to get out young voters for Democrats and change the political trajectory of Arizona, we need your support.

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